Montag, 30. März 2009

dream a little dream of me

today is such a boring day. i was at school and it was very drowsy. now i actually should be learning latin ... but i'm too unmotivated :) however, i've decided to start blogging. i just don't know how to start yet. i guess i'll tell you a little bit about myself :)
i'm an 18 year old student and i am soon going to be done with school. after taking my school leaving examination i'll go to san francisco. i have always wanted to go there, i think it is very pretty. however, most of my time i spend watching TV, reading or meeting friends. my favourite series are: friends, scrubs, desperate housewives, the tudors, golden girls, csi, cold case,... nothing special i guess :)
now let's talk fashion :) for a while now i'm very into vintage. unfortunately i live in austria and there are very few stores that sell vintage stuff. nevertheless i try to dress vintage. i'm not sure yet if i post photos of me ... but i guess i will :) we'll see.

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