Freitag, 17. April 2009

pleasured distractions

remember the clothes i wanted to buy? well today i found out that the white dress has been bought by someone else . i wrote to the girl who sold it and asked her to reserve the brown shirt for me and she agreed. so today i have to measure if it would fit me and then i'll ask my father again. it is only 10 Doller plus 4.50 for the shipping. 

otherwise the day was pretty boring :) bye

ps: thanks to everyone who posts comments on my blog :)

Donnerstag, 16. April 2009

we both reached for the gun

today's outfits

2nd pic: vintage blouse and ring, skirt: h&m

3rd pic: vintage belt, high waist jeans and shirt: h&m

nighty night :)

professional cinderella

today i asked my father if i was allowed to buy something of the online store "etsy" ( i have to own these cute items of vintage clothes. 
i am sooo in love with them, but my father wasn't too happy about the thought of me buying something over the internet. he thinks that it is ok if you buy books but it is not very smart to buy clothes because you have never seen the clothes before and you can't be completely sure if they fit and if you like the colors and so on. but i don't care. in austria there aren't great vintage stores, so where am i to get some great stuff? i HAVE to buy these things. and i think i will :) 
however, today was - is a very boring day. now i'm listening to the andrew sisters and am dreaming of the clothes i want to buy :)

Mittwoch, 15. April 2009

anything but ordinary

so.. today school started again .. and it was boring . i was really scared because i had an history test and a piano lesson . my piano teacher is .. actually a nice lady but i'm really scared of her :) that's so stupid ..
well and then, when i got home i started to freak out . you see in about 2 and a half weeks i'm going to take my school leaving examination (matura) and today i REALIZED it . it was terrible. however :) now i'm calm again. so that was my day. pretty boring to you i guess :)
on sunday i was at my grandmother's and she showed me some great vintage clothes, which she wore when she was my age. some dresses she even made by herself. they're really cute and she was happy to lend me whatever dresses i wanted to borrow. i'm going to take photos as soon as she brought them to me (she cleans them for me). byebye  

Montag, 13. April 2009

'the person that invented the phrase "happily ever after" ...

should have his ass kicked so hard!' . though i have to admit this sentence was great, i am really unhappy with grey's anatomy. tonight the new season started (i'm not sure which one - i live in austria) and well ... i think it was horrible! meredith can't stop whining about mcdreamy, alex ... well alex is being alex, webber is aggressive and thinks everybody to be less important and talented than him, torres thinks she's a hero but paniks the minute she's needed ... aaaand so on ...
don't get me wrong - i really loved grey's anatomy . i watched it from the very beginning and thought it was the best serie ever. but now ... i don't know ... it's just not what it used to be .. it used to be about medicine and well yeah .. about the personal life of the surgeons but now? where is the medical stuff?? it seems like all they talk about is their personal life and that kinda annoys me. even in front of the patients their being unprofessional. i know a lot of people like that but ... i don't know. i wish desperate housewives was on again. it was fun and also tragic :) but at grey's i miss the fun and the great conversations they used to have. however. i hope i'm not the only one who thinks that way. 
i think i'll go to sleep now. i plan on standing up early tomorrow because i want to go jogging, my granny is going to give me a call because of the vintage clothes and i have to practise the piano for i have a lesson on wednesday. plus school starts on wednesday . so i should study a bit too i suppose. don't really want to but ... however. i don't want school to start again. the break was great. 
OH DEAR!! i've just noticed my bedroom window is open and because my lights are on i'm sure going to be stung by a gnat ... damn it :)
well nighty night. sweet dreams

making wishes

first pic: stuff i bought at the flea market 
second pic: jeans and shirt: h&m; bag and ring: vintage.
byebye xoxo

do you ever wanna run away?

hello :)
i've just taken some photos of me - finally :) 
here they are: 

ok i had some ... difficulties with the upload :) I'll upload the rest of the pics in another post :) on the pics i uploaded so far i wear: a vintage hat (which looks kinda weird) and a shirt from h&m

Sonntag, 12. April 2009

I Can't Stop This Feeling I've Got

hi there :)

yesterday i was at the flea market in vienna and it was great! i loved it. there was so much to see but unfortunately the things i loved were pretty expensive. the other stuff was okay but well .. i ended up buying a beautiful vintage picture frame and a jewelry box. as for clothes ... it was pretty disappointing. however, today i was at my grandmothers and she told me she had a lot of old dresses and skirts she wore when she was my age and she would give it to me .. i'm going to give her a call tomorrow :)

the past few days i have eaten sooo much ... i really have to diet for a couple of days .. i hate that .. however ..
-> this is one of the handbags i wanted to buy at the flea market ... but i didn't want to pay 70 € for it ... i already have a purse which belonged to my granny shaped like that ...
weeeeeeeeell .. bye :)

Freitag, 10. April 2009

wake the sun

today i'm going to have my hair cut off :) maybe i'll post a photo later on ..

i know i have been telling you i'd post a photo of me .. but my camera is
kinda .. broke right now and well ... i'll borrow the camera of my father :)
i'm sooo excited about tomorrow for i'm going to go to the flea market in
vienna .. i have never been to it and i hope to find some cute vintage dresses
and some jewelry :)
i went to a flea market with my grandma the other day and i fell in love with
this great '30ies necklace ... unfortunately it was pretty expensive and i
didn't have any cash with me (what was i thinking??) ... however ... hopefully i'll find something
at this huge flea market tomorrow ..
today is a very beautiful day. it already is pretty warm and so i'll go
outside and read some book i guess. i ate pineapple today :)

Montag, 30. März 2009


well i'll post some people who i consider to be very beautiful :)

Daisy Lowe

Ashley Olsen:

Keira Knightley:

dream a little dream of me

today is such a boring day. i was at school and it was very drowsy. now i actually should be learning latin ... but i'm too unmotivated :) however, i've decided to start blogging. i just don't know how to start yet. i guess i'll tell you a little bit about myself :)
i'm an 18 year old student and i am soon going to be done with school. after taking my school leaving examination i'll go to san francisco. i have always wanted to go there, i think it is very pretty. however, most of my time i spend watching TV, reading or meeting friends. my favourite series are: friends, scrubs, desperate housewives, the tudors, golden girls, csi, cold case,... nothing special i guess :)
now let's talk fashion :) for a while now i'm very into vintage. unfortunately i live in austria and there are very few stores that sell vintage stuff. nevertheless i try to dress vintage. i'm not sure yet if i post photos of me ... but i guess i will :) we'll see.