Mittwoch, 15. April 2009

anything but ordinary

so.. today school started again .. and it was boring . i was really scared because i had an history test and a piano lesson . my piano teacher is .. actually a nice lady but i'm really scared of her :) that's so stupid ..
well and then, when i got home i started to freak out . you see in about 2 and a half weeks i'm going to take my school leaving examination (matura) and today i REALIZED it . it was terrible. however :) now i'm calm again. so that was my day. pretty boring to you i guess :)
on sunday i was at my grandmother's and she showed me some great vintage clothes, which she wore when she was my age. some dresses she even made by herself. they're really cute and she was happy to lend me whatever dresses i wanted to borrow. i'm going to take photos as soon as she brought them to me (she cleans them for me). byebye  

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