Freitag, 10. April 2009

wake the sun

today i'm going to have my hair cut off :) maybe i'll post a photo later on ..

i know i have been telling you i'd post a photo of me .. but my camera is
kinda .. broke right now and well ... i'll borrow the camera of my father :)
i'm sooo excited about tomorrow for i'm going to go to the flea market in
vienna .. i have never been to it and i hope to find some cute vintage dresses
and some jewelry :)
i went to a flea market with my grandma the other day and i fell in love with
this great '30ies necklace ... unfortunately it was pretty expensive and i
didn't have any cash with me (what was i thinking??) ... however ... hopefully i'll find something
at this huge flea market tomorrow ..
today is a very beautiful day. it already is pretty warm and so i'll go
outside and read some book i guess. i ate pineapple today :)

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