Sonntag, 12. April 2009

I Can't Stop This Feeling I've Got

hi there :)

yesterday i was at the flea market in vienna and it was great! i loved it. there was so much to see but unfortunately the things i loved were pretty expensive. the other stuff was okay but well .. i ended up buying a beautiful vintage picture frame and a jewelry box. as for clothes ... it was pretty disappointing. however, today i was at my grandmothers and she told me she had a lot of old dresses and skirts she wore when she was my age and she would give it to me .. i'm going to give her a call tomorrow :)

the past few days i have eaten sooo much ... i really have to diet for a couple of days .. i hate that .. however ..
-> this is one of the handbags i wanted to buy at the flea market ... but i didn't want to pay 70 € for it ... i already have a purse which belonged to my granny shaped like that ...
weeeeeeeeell .. bye :)

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