Donnerstag, 16. April 2009

professional cinderella

today i asked my father if i was allowed to buy something of the online store "etsy" ( i have to own these cute items of vintage clothes. 
i am sooo in love with them, but my father wasn't too happy about the thought of me buying something over the internet. he thinks that it is ok if you buy books but it is not very smart to buy clothes because you have never seen the clothes before and you can't be completely sure if they fit and if you like the colors and so on. but i don't care. in austria there aren't great vintage stores, so where am i to get some great stuff? i HAVE to buy these things. and i think i will :) 
however, today was - is a very boring day. now i'm listening to the andrew sisters and am dreaming of the clothes i want to buy :)


  1. Ich will ein dann ein Bild sehen was Du Dir gekauft hast! Kann mir, ehrlich gesagt, nichts unter vintage vorstellen. Sind das Oldstyle-Kleider? Also aus den 20er Jahren?

  2. Beauiful clothes! I had a similar view of clothes before I'd bought them online but have done so now and have never had a problem, hopefully he'l come around too xx