Freitag, 17. April 2009

pleasured distractions

remember the clothes i wanted to buy? well today i found out that the white dress has been bought by someone else . i wrote to the girl who sold it and asked her to reserve the brown shirt for me and she agreed. so today i have to measure if it would fit me and then i'll ask my father again. it is only 10 Doller plus 4.50 for the shipping. 

otherwise the day was pretty boring :) bye

ps: thanks to everyone who posts comments on my blog :)


  1. Na also, ist doch kein Vermögen! Sag Deinem Vater, dass immer noch günstiger ist als irgendein Teil von Dolce&Gabbana...

  2. that brown top is adorable..the etsy ones down below yes? hope you nab it!

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  4. Hiermit tagge ich dich :)
    Infos auf meinem Blog!

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